February 27, 2017

Sponsor an Animal

Are you heart broken when you see the many rescue animals needing families? Do you wish you could take home every single one? We feel the same way, but the reality is that not everyone can adopt, especially not every animal, but we do have a great way you can help.

Our sponsor program allows you to be that special person, a family by proxy, for the special animals who reside with us on a permanent basis. Your sponsorship provides for the specific needs of that animal.

Our Wolf Hybrids are a special group of animals that the sponsorship helps enormously. Luna is an 18 year old hybrid. One of the most loving creatures we have, but she does have very special needs. Her diet is a raw diet with  a gelatin additive mixed in to help her joints. Your sponsorship will help with providing her special diet, as well as the joint support additives.

Won’t you sponsor Luna? Please click the button below and choose the gift that fits your budget.

Our horses can always use sponsorship help. These are majestic animals, but require a lot of space, as well as specialized care, which is very hard for many people in urban areas. As a sponsor, your gift will help provide for the hoof care, special diet and the most popular treats for horses, lots of carrots. As a sponsor, you are welcome to come out and spend time with the horses. Brush to your hearts content.

Won’t you sponsor a horse? Please click the button below and choose the gift that fits your budget.

Please remember Farmanity Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and your donations are tax deductible.

Thank you so much for supporting our rescue.

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