Forever Home Found!

We are so happy to announce that Dusty Feet has found his Forever Home. The couple has had several Golden Retrievers over the last 15 years and fell in love with Dusty almost immediately. They are definitely dog lovers, easily seen by their back yard and pool being designed specifically for their dogs to enjoy. Read more about Forever Home Found![…]

Exciting Updates

Today has been full of exciting news and events. First off we wanted to give a special thanks to Dan Duenas for the wonder brochures he has created for Farmanity Project. He is a gifted graphic artist and was on target with a great brochure. Another exciting milestone was when we received our first PayPal donation. Read more about Exciting Updates[…]

animal rescue

Eight dogs awaiting us to rescue them

I write this with a heavy heart because I have had to turn away several dogs do to lack of dog runs and/or kennel space. I am keeping their names and humans information in hopes that when we get more supplies it wouldn’t be to late and they can still be rescued. So I am Read more about Eight dogs awaiting us to rescue them[…]

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